Yes, as an organization with great commands, Vietnam Visa Line is capable of processing Vietnam Visa approval letter/ code within just 1 working day or even some working hours (super urgent) since the confirmation of your payment. In this case, you can do one of the following suggested ways to get your urgent visa:

1. Scan your passport, associated with your desired visa processing information to our email address:

It would be better if you call our support team’s hotline number  and query

2. Submit information at Vietnam Visa Application Online (Recomended)

Please note that our support team should be informed (either by email or telephone) in case there is any special about your Vietnam Visa request.

Notice: Those who wish to obtain Vietnam Visa within a day should be air travelers only (applicable for visa on arrival at Vietnam Visa airports) as for visa code; you need to wait until the day after your approval to go to Vietnam Embassy stamping your visa)