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All You Need To Know About A Vietnam Tourist Visa In 2019

One of the most annoying things about traveling around the world is visas. Some visas are really easy to get but others can be a pain in the ass. There are countries I still have not been because of the visa restrictions. Although lately it was my 4th trip to Vietnam the hassle to get a visa on arrival in Vietnam still annoys me. Although over the last years it got easier and easier. To help you get your Vietnam visa sorted I wrote this blog post to help you out. Because when you google for information…

Here are 10 essential Vietnam travel tips

Vietnam isn’t always topping the bucketlist of the southeast Asia traveler. With Thailand, Cambodia and Laos in its back garden and the beautiful islands of the Philippines just offshore there is fierce competition. However, traveling to Vietnam is beautiful in its own and has a lot to offer. 1. Is it safe to travel to Vietnam Generally spoken one should not have any problems when visiting Vietnam. The most common threats are road accidents, theft and in a rare occasion snatch and grab. Just always make sure to use common sense. This sounds really obvious…

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