Apply Vietnam Visa online application process. Visit Vietnam for Tourism & Business. With the Urgent service option you can get your approval letter soonest with 15 minutes of Apply Vietnam Visa Online and making payment.

Urgent Apply Vietnam Visa 15 minutes

Morning request:      If you submit your application and pay the fee by 8.00 AM Vietnamese time

    • 15 minutes: Letter of approval will be sent at 7:30 Am

    • 1 working hour: Approval letter will be sent by 9:00 Am and  (next hours)

    • 4 hours working  time:  Approval letter will be sent by 12:00 PM
    • 8 hours working  time:  Approval letter will be sent by 18:00 PM
    • 02 Days  working  time: 48 hours the letter of approval will be sent before 6:00 pm on next working days

Noon request:         If you submit your application and pay the fee by 2.00 PM, Vietnamese time

    • 1 hours working time: Approval letter will be sent by 3:00 Pm
    • 4 hours working times: Approval letter will be sent by 6:00 Pm
    • 8 hours working  time:  Approval letter will be sent by 12:00 Pm next days at the afternoon
    • 02 Days  working  time: 48 hours the letter of approval will be sent before 6:00 pm on the third day

Note: Apply Vietnam Visa (Working hours: Morning 8:30 – 16:30 from Monday to Friday, GMT+7) Any application submitted after 3:00 PM on weekday or any time during weekend will be processed the following business days.

Apply Vietnam Visa Online 247

Urgent Apply for a visa to enter Vietnam within 15 minutes, this is a special case. Only for customers who have booked air tickets to Vietnam

To make the process easier for you, Vietnam Visa is here to help you with the process of obtaining a visa for travel to Vietnam. Our online application is quick and easy, as well as fully supported by our knowledgeable staff.

We recommend you choose to get a visa on arrival, as picking up your visa at all Vietnamese international airports is simple and convenient. Just follow the online process beforehand, and you will be ready to get your visa stamp in Vietnam.

Can it be guaranteed

In most cases, there is NO problem to get an approval letter within 1- 8 working hours. However, we CANNOT guarantee it, in the event that we cannot send it to you on time as promised, we will REFUND you the whole amount paid.

We not be held responsible for any loss, incurred in case your application is not approved in time.

What if my flight is on a Saturday or Sunday?

For those who must travel to Vietnam on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays and could not arrange Vietnam visa in advance, we would like to offer Warranty Service upon your arrival. With this kind of service, you will not need to have a Vietnam visa/Vietnam visa approval letter before departure because we will issue an on-the-spot one month single entry visa when you arrive at Vietnam airport. It costs 130 USD/ per person for obtaining Warranty service.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you are on this case! You will be required to provide us with your full name, date of birth, nationality, flight itinerary so we can assist you upon arrival.

The emergency visa is 60 minutes. Apply Vietnam Visa to confirm that you have received-and confirm that your application will be processed immediately. You need to stamp it at the airport. (You can Apply Vietnam Visa for this super emergency on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays) LINE ID: 1649886 955315496  -or WhatApp + 84.9138 73100 If you need, you should call the +84.9138 73100 hotline,

By applying at Vietnam Visa now, you will surely be granted entry into Vietnam with your Approval Letter.

Note:  To avoid high fee and unexpected problems, you are strongly advised to arrange Vietnam visa in advance.

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